ISTOBAL's mission is to design and supply car wash systems with the  best balance between quality, service and price based on profitability,  flexibility and innovation criteria, to be an environmentally friendly  company, and to meet customer, employee and shareholder needs. We are  proud to be an ISTOBAL partner. Learn more about ISTOBAL at


 The wash world’s new experience.
Rollovers M1, M’NEX and TRACER have been designed to surpass expectations. ISTOBAL sets a trend with a rollover family that meets all your carwash needs. 

Heavy Wash

With Model 4HWD300, all the advantages and options  of the Drive Through systems come standard, which makes it the perfect  machine for all types of bus fleets.

The standard machine includes a rinsing arch and four vertical  brushes spinning in opposite directions for better results. The shampoo  dosing pump and the electrical cabinet are built into one of the  columns.

It includes a practical command post to control the manual movement  of brushes, an emergency stop button, several activation possibilities  for the optional extras, and mirror-avoidance functions.

Building Services

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